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What is the difference between a link and a backlink?

Individual documents on the Web are interconnected through links. Links are the glue that holds the web together. Internal links are links between her web pages on the same domain and are primarily intended to help users navigate the site easily. External links connect to web pages on other domains and have a broader intent:

Either way, outbound links are a valuable asset because the links are on the page to provide value to the reader. It's important to understand that links are directional. If you go off the link source page, you will reach the target page. So this is the backlink to the landing page.

Search engines recognize the value of backlinks and interpret them as entirely intentional and reward the destination URL. They assume that her web page in question has undergone some kind of editorial review.

Because of this, backlinks pointing to your website show search engines that your content is valuable. In fact, backlinks are one of the strongest ranking factors. It plays a big role in the success (or failure) of your website when it comes to organic search traffic.

What is Backlink Authority and how is it determined?
One of the main reasons Google is the leading search engine is that Google was the first company to realize the importance of backlinks in his SEO. When Google launched its service in 1998, it used an innovative algorithm to rank websites based on link popularity. This means that the more links to a page, the higher the page ranks.

Named "PageRank" after Larry Page (Sergey Brin and his co-founder of Google), the algorithm does more than just calculate how many links a particular his web page receives. We also measure the authority of those links. This means that not all backlinks are created equal. Suppose one of your website's pages has backlinks from his two websites on different external domains.

Page A has 200 backlinks
Page B has 20 backlinks
If these two pages cover the same topic, page A will probably rank higher than page B. This is because Page A is more authoritative due to the fact that it has 10x more links.  A link from page A is more valuable than a link from page B when it comes to these two backlinks to your website.


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