What Is Codeigniter ?

CodeIgniter is an open source rapid development framework for building dynamic websites loosely based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) development approach. This allows us to deliver projects faster compared to starting fresh. It offers a comprehensive collection of libraries, an easy-to-use user interface, and a logical access architecture.

Who wouldn't settle for less programming and a finished project? And that's what CodeIgniter offers on the silver platter. PHP has been around for 25 years and is currently supported by 80% of websites. we are Codeigniter Development Company who will help you to create best custom cms website with quality work. There are currently at least 378 million web apps running and he is installed on over 2.1 million web servers worldwide.

Since PHP's growing influence on the programming industry, a number of frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Codeigniter have entered the market with their own capabilities. Their common goal is to handle his web development projects, small and large, more quickly and efficiently. there lots of company who do work in php framework codeigniter as well as development company use other cms too but the first to take off was his CodeIgniter. Use CodeIgniter's expertise to create simple, efficient, and user-friendly web apps. CodeIgniter has several advantages that make it suitable for PHP web development projects. At our programming company, CodeIgniter, you don't have to worry about such classes or setups.


Why Codeigniter is best framework of PHP :


Codeigniter Function

Let's take a look at some of the features that make CodeIgniter great. The list below is not exhaustive, but it does give an indication of what you can expect when working with the development company, his CodeIgniter.

Small Footprints

The entire CodeIgniter framework ASCII text file is limited to 2MB. This makes it easy for codeigniter developers to always behave this way and learn how to behave. It also simplifies deployment and updates.

Lightning Speed

Users tend to prefer applications with the fastest load times. If you have used some fashionable frameworks, you will know that he takes only a second to load immediately after installation. It takes an average load of about 50ms. Additional optimization time is that the case is freed up in another framework once you start working with CodeIgniter. MVC architecture. The framework uses a Model-View-Controller architectural design. This is the industry standard practice in Codeigniter development for any company dealing with web applications. MVC separates information, business.

Loose Coupling

Built-in functions are designed to work independently without over-dependence on other components. This makes maintenance and upgrades easier

MVC Architecture

The PHP CodeIgniter framework uses a Model-View-Controller architectural design. This is the industry standard way of working with web applications. MVC separates data, business logic, and presentation.

Good Documentation:

The framework is well documented, with excellent books, tutorials, and answers to forum questions on CodeIgniter. This means that whatever your challenge, someone may have already encountered it, solved it, and have the solution in place for you.

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Looking for making website is in codeigniter framework

looking for making website is in codeigniter version 1 , codeigniter2 , codeigniter 3 codeigniter4 so we are giving you information about codeiggniter it is having exceptional performance is required. It should be broadly compatible with standard hosting accounts running various PHP versions and configurations. I want a framework that requires very little configuration. I don't want to rely on the command line. You want a framework that doesn't limit your coding. You don't need big libraries like PEAR. If you don't want to learn a template language (the template parser is optionally available if you want.

Clear and complete documentation is required.

  1. Setting up CodeIgniter
  2. Download CodeIgniter from
  3. Unzip the folder.
  4. Copy the folder to www folder if you are using wampserver or to htdocs if you are using xampp.


Advantages Of CodeIgniter In Website World :

  • You want a frame with a small footprint.
  • Exceptional performance is required.
  • I want a framework that requires very little configuration.
  • I want a framework that doesn't require me to use the command line. You want a framework that doesn't have to adhere to restrictive coding conventions.
  • They don't care about large monolithic libraries like PEAR.
  • I don't want to be forced to learn a template language (although a template parser is optionally available if needed).
  • Avoid complexity and prefer simple solutions.
  • Clear and complete documentation is required.


Features of CodeIgniter3 : 

Features by themselves are a very poor way to judge an application because they tell you nothing about the user experience or how intuitive or intelligent it is designed. , attention to detail, and security measures tell you nothing. The only way to really judge an app is to try it out and learn the code. Installing CodeIgniter is easy, so go ahead and install it. In the meantime, here is a list of CodeIgniter's main features:

CodeIgniter3 Information : 

  1. Model View Controller based system
  2. very light weight
  3. a complete database class with multi-platform support.
  4. Query Builder database support
  5. Form and data validation
  6. Security and XSS filtering
  7. session management
  8. mail delivery class.
  9. Supports attachments,
  10. HTML/text emails,
  11. multiple protocols (Sendmail, SMTP, and email)
  12. Image editing library (crop, resize, rotate, etc.).
  13. Supports GD,
  14. ImageMagick,
  15. NetPBM
  16. class for uploading files
  17. FTP class
  18. localization
  19. Pagination
  20. data encryption
  21. benchmark
  22. full page cache
  23. error log
  24. Application profiling
  25. calendar course
  26. user agent class
  27. Zip encoding class
  28. template engine class
  29. Trackback class
  30. XML-RPC library
  31. unit test class
  32. Search engine friendly URL
  33. Flexible URI routing
  34. Support for hooks and class extensions
  35. Large library of "helper" functions


Features of CodeIgniter4 : 

Let's take a look at some of the features that make CodeIgniter great. The following list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of ​​what to expect when using CodeIgniter. small footprints.The entire CodeIgniter framework source code is almost 2 MB. This makes it easy to learn CodeIgniter and how it works. It also simplifies deployment and updates.

CodeIgniter4 Information : 

CodeIgniter is an application development framework (toolkit) for people building websites in PHP. Its goal is to provide a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, and a simple interface and logical structure for access deployed to these libraries, much more than writing code from scratch. to be able to develop projects as quickly as possible. CodeIgniter lets you focus creatively on your projects by minimizing the amount of code required for specific tasks.

Wherever possible, CodeIgniter has been kept as flexible as possible so you can work the way you want without being forced to do it a certain way. You can easily extend the core parts of the framework or replace them entirely to make your system work the way you want. Simply put, CodeIgniter is a flexible framework that tries to give you the tools you need without getting in your way.

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