google keyword rank checker

google keyword rank checker

Right now in the world peoples need that how they can improve their keyword ranking on google in a very quick time as the world is having lots of tools and predefined codes from which we can able to search this ranking here we are giving you a comparison of tools which can help you to checker keyword rank.

Dyno Mapper :

DYNO Mapper is the only tool that combines a visual sitemap generator and keyword tracking tool in one. When you create a sitemap for your website, DYNO Mapper's keyword tracker automatically retrieves all the keywords used in your website's meta. You have the option to track individual keyword phrases by search engine or location.
DYNO Mapper also fully integrates Google Analytics, internal link information, content inventory and auditing, and accessibility testing in one tool. This is important information for planning future posts or editing existing content, but especially if you're planning to redesign your website. It also allows you to monitor your competitors so you can keep up with current trends and potentially gain an edge. We also send you regular notifications about your website's performance with daily keyword rankings.

SEO Profier :

SEO Profiler, like DYNO Mapper, was our second choice as it offers more than just keyword tracking. While it doesn't have as many features as the first and second recommendations, SEO Profiler is incredibly easy to use and integrates Google Analytics among other features.There are two main tools used in the SEO Profiler, which (at least in terms of usability) outperform the rest of the list.

SEO Profiler constantly monitors your key competitors and the keywords they use to rank for, so  you can incorporate them into your posts (and  monitor your rankings in comparison) .

Second, it  also informs you about keyword opportunities (keywords that aren't #1 yet but could be #1 if used correctly). Knowing your keyword opportunities gives you the opportunity to lead the rise in keyword popularity, giving you an edge over your competitors. As your website starts to rank higher, these diamond keywords will increase your website ranking and traffic.

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