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Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

There's a touch of disarray over SEO and substance showcasing. The disarray comes over how SEO and substance showcasing fit together. Do they fit together? It is safe to say that they are at chances with one another? Assuming this is the case, is it conceivable to compel them together? In a past post, I clarified why SEO and substance showcasing resemble PB&J. They go together. They simply fit. They function admirably together. Presently, I need to share precisely why that is — why SEO is in reality about substance showcasing, and the other way around. Before I share the why of this article, let me get straight to the point about the what — the difficult I'm tending to.

The Problem: SEO and content marketing are not integrated.

This looks bad to me. In what manner can "content advertising surpass SEO totally" when the best way to fruitful substance showcasing is to have SEO? How might you destroy the two like that? Fortunately, there are voices of reason in the racket of disarray (e.g., the article above). Cautious advertisers have watched the distinction, and are attempting to bring up that SEO and substance showcasing go together. 

However, the misstep perseveres. One of the well-known articles that commit this error originates from an article in The Guardian, which states: "It would seem that Google has burnt out on its old companion SEO and is rather cosying-up to the tenderfoot, content promoting" [sic]. 

It's a charming similarity, however, it's essentially not exact. It's not as though SEO and substance promoting are two distinct individuals. To get a similar similitude, SEO and substance advertising are really two characteristics of a similar individual. 

The issue, at that point, lies in the distinction between SEO and substance promoting. 

It's an ideal opportunity to unite the two back. This is the main way you'll be effective in both your SEO and your substance showcasing.



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