codeigniter website development

codeigniter website development

A popular PHP-based web application framework called Codeigniter may be used to build professional websites, blogs, content management systems, and online shops. The user-friendly platform combines a collection of simple tools with a highly engaging user interface. Codeigniter is a popular option due to additional characteristics including simplicity, versatility, and security. We at CodeIgniter India offer dependable CodeIgniter web development services and have a stellar track record in this technology field. We use this productive platform to produce top-notch web apps quickly and affordably for clients.

Our team consists of certified developers who focus on creating dynamic, rich custom websites and applications employing the framework's strong capabilities.With multiple completed projects for clients in a wide range of industry verticals to our credit, we can brag of having vast knowledge with the Codeigniter framework. We are committed to providing specialised solutions that are matched to each client's unique needs.


You may rely on us as Codeigniter professionals for efficient and dependable Codeigniter Web Development. Every web application we create is tested to meet the client's needs and deliver results, thanks to the expertise of our staff. We guarantee that these apps are developed in accordance with the highest coding standards and are strengthened by the potent features of the Codeigniter framework.

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What is CodeIgniter and how is it useful in web development?

The most effective use for CodeIgniter is in web development projects. It is a powerful PHP framework. CodeIgniter can create fully functional web apps thanks to its toolkit's abundance of contemporary and cutting-edge capabilities. According to Statista, the CodeIgniter PHP framework is presently used by nearly to 5,29,398 websites, and that number is continuously increasing thanks to the CodeIgniter web framework's lightweight design. One of the main benefits of CodeIgniter is that it gives programmers the freedom to use it without having to adhere to the MVC development pattern and offers the option of seamless third-party plugin integration.

Because of this, CodeIgniter software development is quickly gaining popularity among developers. Here, we provide some justifications for why using the CodeIgniter framework can be the ideal option for creating a custom website.                                                                  

Looking codeigniter website development ??

All we have best resource which is codeigniter also we have having codeigniter developer with us you can hire a codeigniter developer jobs from us. Codeigniter being a ground-breaking structure for programming engineers is an open-source and lightweight PHP system. By utilizing Codeigniter, an exertion in complex coding is diminished and this causes the engineers to zero in innovatively on the web application. Codeigniter is secure and just as easy to understand, we at Pvsys Group  guarantee you a head-class client experience

At Pvsys Group, we have an ability pool of programming designers who are prepared to fabricate dynamic and natural web applications. From our fine producers and quality, engineers get excellent PHP programs with the assistance of CodeIgniter, an open-source and lightweight PHP system, from India's best web improvement organization. We will fabricate you, exquisite sites and web applications. Our specialists at Infocom Software ensures that its incredibly simple for you to get new changes in the structure components of your site and web applications. Our group fuses a scope of amazing highlights of the PHP system in CodeIgnitor improvement cycle to convey result-arranged web applications.

Application Architecture in CodeIgniter

Below is a diagram of the CodeIgniter application's architecture.

Every time a request is made to CodeIgniter, it will first visit the index.php page, as depicted in the figure.  Routing will choose in the second step whether to transmit this request to step 3 for caching or to step 4 for a security check.  If the requested page is already cached, routing will forward the request to step 3 and return the user's answer. The requested page will be passed to step 4 for security checks if the requested page is not found in Caching. The security of the given data is examined before the request is forwarded to the application controller. The Application Controller loads the required Models, Libraries, Helpers, Plugins, and Scripts after performing the Security check, and then passes the data to the View. The view will render the page using the data that is available and send it to the cache. Since the requested page was not previously cached, it will be cached this time to process requests for it swiftly in the future.

Three folders make up the directory structure of CodeIgniter.

  • Application 

  • System

  • User guide​


Cache-  The Application folder, as its name suggests, houses all of the code for the application you are creating. You will construct your project in this folder. Other directories seen in the Application folder are described below.All of your application's cached pages are located in the cache folder. The overall speed of visiting the pages will increase thanks to these cached pages.

Config-  The files in this folder can be used to configure the application. The user can configure the programme with the aid of the config.php file. The database of the programme can be configured by the user using the database.php file.

Controller- The controllers for your application are stored in this subdirectory. The foundation of your application is it.

Core-  The foundation classes for your application will be located in this folder.

Helper- Those that lend a hand You can place your application's helper classes in this folder.

Hooks- Without altering the core files, the files in this folder offer a way to access and change the inner workings of the framework.

Files-  pertaining to languages are located in this folder.

Libraries-  The files from the libraries created for your programme are located in this folder.

Logs- Files pertaining to the system log can be found in the folder titled 

Model- A model This folder will contain the database login.

Views-  This folder will house the HTML files for the application.


The core code, libraries, tools, and other files for CodeIgniter may be found in this area, which makes coding easier. When creating web applications, these libraries and tools are loaded and employed

.All of the CodeIgniter code of consequence is contained in this folder and is arranged into different directories.

Core-  The fundamental class for CodeIgniter is located in this folder. Change nothing at this place. You will complete all of your work in the application folder. Even if your goal is to add new features to the CodeIgniter core, you must use hooks, and hooks are stored in the application folder.

Database- database folder houses many database utilities and the main database drivers.

Fonts- The typefaces folder houses resources and information about fonts.

 Helper- Standard CodeIgniter helpers can be found in the helpers folder (such as date, cookie, and URL helpers).

Language- Language files are located in the language folder. For the time being, disregard it.

LibrariesThe CodeIgniter standard libraries are located in the libraries folder (to help you with e-mail, calendars, file uploads, and more). To keep them apart from the normal CodeIgniter libraries saved in this specific folder, you can develop your own libraries or expand (and even replace) existing ones. These will be saved in the application/libraries directory.


This is your CodeIgniter user manual. In essence, it is an offline version of the CodeIgniter programmer user manual. One can use this to learn about the various libraries, helpers, and classes. It is advised to read through this user manual before creating your first CodeIgniter web application. In addition to these three folders, there is another crucial file called "index.php." We can declare the system and application folder names, as well as the application environment and error level, in this file. If you don't know enough about what you're doing, it is advised against changing these settings.

CodeIgniter: How to Get Started   

Any software programme demands some learning time. We've tried our best to reduce the learning curve and make the experience as delightful as we can.

Installing CodeIgniter is the first step. Next, go through the Introduction part of the Table of Contents and read all the subjects.

Read the General Topics pages one by one after that. You are urged to use the code examples in each topic, which build upon one another.

You'll be prepared to examine the Class Reference and Helper Reference pages to learn how to use the native libraries and helper files once you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

Please feel free to use our Community Forums for inquiries or issues, and our Wiki for other people's contributed code samples 












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