search engine keyword position checker php script

search engine keyword position checker php script

Search engine keyword position checker PHP script 

Although it is a complex topic, search engine optimization can be reduced to one key component. keyword placements.

Since higher rankings are necessary for more traffic, improving rankings are the primary priority of any SEO effort for the majority of websites. But what does SEO's keyword ranking imply?The primary keyword ranking definition for businesses who are worried about using SEO to increase their traffic pertains to what position their page has in search results for based on keywords.As can be seen by being a complex topic, search engine optimization only has one essential element. locations of keywords.

For the majority of websites, improving rankings is the top priority of any SEO effort because higher ranks are vital for more traffic. But what does keyword ranking in SEO suggest?The position that a page has in search engine results for keywords is the main definition of keyword ranking for businesses that are focused about using SEO to increase their traffic.

search engine keyword position checker PHP script if you want we have different scripts and code ready also if you need any kind of on-page seo  and off-page SEO tips or help we will give you free tips

There are a few methods to find out where the keywords are most relevant to your addition to providing businesses and websites with a way to see  how people show up at their site through search, Google provides Search Console as a tool that helps webmasters in trying to keep track of the health of their website in the index. It provides businesses with a tool to seek out new keywords that are optimal for their website and evaluate traffic from Google searches. It also enables them to see which queries people are using to get their site. which are all significant for SEO.  as if you are looking for to do your seo so here we have deatails of cheap seo company

                                                                                                                                                                                                      All websites can select a "Performance" report from Search Console where they can examine search traffic for the pages on their site split in half by URLs and numbers. Marketers may examine the keyword positions for their most effective URLs and also with an estimate on clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and average position.Search engine result pages, or SERPs, are how search engines present search results. The term "SERP" is most frequently used by Seo specialists to characterize how a page will show up in the search results and its placement within those results. Search SERPs will be the topic of this post

Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools provides your keyword rank for specific pages. Consequently, there is a 4 day up to a maximum wait in the data gathering process. Additionally, you may only do so for your own website and not the websites of your competitors.


That Before to using the PHP script for checking Google SERP


The PHP script for SERP Checking recommended below uses the Google Custom Search API. You need only take these tasks in order to use the script with the API:

Go to to activate the Google Custom Search API and create credentials. is the URL to use to create a Google Custom Search Engine.
The custom search engine and your online accounts can both be tested here: US#p/customsearch/v1/search.cse.lis


Where Can I Find the PHP Script also for the Keyword Rank Checker?

                 9 Reliable & Contemporary Google Position Tracker:


  1. Semrush
  2. AccuRanker
  3. SERPWatcher
  4. SE Ranking
  5. SiteChecker
  6. Ahrefs
  7. Google Rank Checker
  8. RankWatch
  9. Serpfox
  10. Pvsys Group

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