SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of driving targeted traffic to your website from your organic rankings on search engines. Common tasks associated with SEO are creating quality content, optimizing content for specific keywords, and building backlinks.

SEO is about improving your website's ranking in the organic (free) section of search results. Search engine optimization falls into different types of SEO services, and the services offered by SEO companies may be one of the most misunderstood factors driving the internet today. Nearly 93% of all his web traffic worldwide now originates from Google searches. SEO companies need to track all traffic and competitors.and in case you think social media is the only true way to get noticed online these days, you're probably shocked at how wrong you are.No, by SEO Experts SEO generates over 1,000% more traffic than organic social media posts.

seo company even have access to an entire swath of tools you almost certainly never realized you needed, this you can do by guidence of proper seo expert other wise you will get fail so for that we are here to help you all aspects in start we also had problem like you but we did research and now we are best in this segment but soon won't be ready to live without. With an email encoder decoder, meta tag generator, plagiarism checker, URL shortener and more, SEO Expert will give you the skills to solve all your newfound SEO knowledge in no time. . Every agency needs her SEO by a perfect team all the time.


1) How Google Works:

Now it is time to find out how search engines like google like google and yahoo like Google truely work. when you look for some thing in Google (or every other seek engine), an set of rules works in real-time to deliver you what that seek engine considers the “high-satisfactory” end result. Specifically, Google scans its index of “loads of billions” of pages if you want to discover a hard and fast of consequences with a view to high-satisfactory solution your seek. if your website is having good page speed as per page speed which is google predefined tool algorithm pick your website fast.


2) How does Google decide the “high-satisfactory” end result?

Even aleven though Google does not make the internal workings of its set of rules public, primarily based totally on filed patents and statements from Google, we understand that web sites and net pages are ranked primarily based totally on:


There are some important factor on which google search algorithm work :

A) Relevancy: If you look for “chocolate chip cookie recipes”, you do not need to peer net pages approximately truck tires. That's why Google seems first-and-essential for pages which are closely-associated with your keyword. However, Google does not definitely rank “the maximum applicable pages on the pinnacle”. That's due to the fact there are thousands (or maybe millions) of applicable pages for each seek term.


B) Authority :  Authority is much like it sounds: it is Google's manner of figuring out if the content material is correct and does Google understand if a web page is authoritative? They have a take a observe the wide variety of different pages that hyperlink to that web page:


C) Usefulness: Content may be applicable and authoritative. But if it is now no longer beneficial, Google might not need to put that content material on the pinnacle of the quest consequences. In fact, Google has publicly stated that there is a difference among “better excellent content material” and “beneficial” content material.Distinction among better-excellent content material and beneficial content material


D) Page Rank :  To measure a website's importance, PageRank counts the quantity and calibre of links pointing to a page. The essential premise is that more significant websites will probably get more links from less important websites.​


E) Domain Authority : A website's domain authority represents its association with a particular subject matter or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. This relevance directly affects rankings by search engines, which attempt to assess a domain's authority through automated analysis algorithms.


F) Spam Score : Adding pages with no content and metadata, including content not related to the page, will increase your spam score. Lowering this score requires good content, images, videos, and good layout content using H1, H2, H3, etc.


3) How Search Engine Optimization works:

SEO works by optimizing your website for the search engines you want to rank for, such as Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube.In particular, your job is to ensure that search engines consider your site to be the overall best result for someone's search.How the "best" result is determined is based on an algorithm that considers permissions, relevance to the query, load speed, etc.


4) Looking to increase Organic traffic in google search engine :


Organic search results (sometimes called "natural" results) are 100% natural results that are ranked based on performance. In other words, there is no way to pay Google or any other search engine to rank higher in organic search results. Search engines rank organic search results based on hundreds of different ranking factors. But in general, organic search results are considered by Google to be the most relative, authoritative and authoritative websites or webpages on the subject.

Organic results are of higher quality More on how search engine algorithms work later. However, for now, it's important to note the following: When we talk about "SEO", we're talking about getting your website to rank higher in organic search results.


5) Why is SEO important to increase ranking of website on search ?


A) Traffic data referrer As you can see, over 60% of his total traffic on the web comes from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. Overall, search generates 10x more traffic than social media.


B) Number of searches: Considering that Google's first result gets about 20% of all clicks, if you're at the top, that means 22,000 visitors come to your website every month.


C) Number of clicks : But let's quantify it - how much are those visitors worth? The average advertiser for that search term spends about $1 per click. So her web traffic from 22,000 visitors is worth about $22,000 per month. Value of each click And that applies only to this search term. If your website is SEO-friendly, it can rank for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of different keywords. Other industries, such as real estate and insurance, have significantly higher value for search engine traffic.


6) Customers and Keywords

Before you start learning about title tags and HTML, it's important not to skip any important steps.

A) Customer and keyword research: 

Here you can see what your customers are searching for and the exact words and phrases they are using in their searches. This allows her website to rank for what her customers search for every day. Sounds good? This is the exact method. customer survey If you already have an online business, you probably know what your target customers look like.

Finding  Keywords

Now that you have your customer staff, it's time to move on to the next step. Keyword research. Here you can drill down to the exact words or phrases (search queries) your customers are typing in the search box. In general, keywords fall into his two main areas:
Keywords that users use to find products for sale (product keywords). There are also keywords (informational keywords) that you use when your audience isn't specifically searching for what you're selling.


Product Keywords and Information Keywords

how about an example? Suppose you run an e-commerce site that sells tennis shoes. The product keyword buckets look like this: This will show up in search engine results when customers search for your product. It also shows you the keywords your customers use when they're not searching for your product or service. Now which you have a client personal, it’s time for the subsequent step: key-word studies.Here’s in which you drill down into the precise phrases and terms (seek queries) that clients kind into the quest box. In general, key phrases have a tendency to fall into important buckets: key phrases humans use to locate what you sell (Product Keywords).

You additionally have key phrases your audience makes use of while they’re now no longer especially seeking out what you sell (Informational Keywords). How approximately an example? Let’s say which you run an eCommerce internet site that sells tennis footwear. Your bucket of product key phrases might be matters like:


Keyword Research Tips

Here are some pointers that will help you locate key phrases. First, use Google Autocomplete. You’ve probable observed this option already. Whenever you begin typing some thing into Google, you get a group of seek recommendations: I advocate typing key-word thoughts into Google and jotting down any recommendations that come up. Second, kind phrases and terms into Answer The Public. This unfastened device is GREAT for locating informational key phrases.

But the satisfactory all-round unfastened key-word device is Google’s Keyword Planner.

Even aleven though Keyword Planner turned into designed to assist humans with Google Ads campaigns, it may nevertheless assist you locate key phrases for SEO. All you want to do is input a product key-word or informational key-word into it. You’ll then get statistics on that precise phrase (like common month-to-month searches)… and a listing of associated key phrases.

You can use the common month-to-month searches you get withinside the GKP to parent out which key phrases get lots of searches… and which key phrases don’t get looked for very much. For example, after I began out my weblog, nearly 100% of the content material I placed out turned into designed to rank for long-tail, informational key phrases, like “How to get super backlinks”: As my site’s authority elevated I went after shorter terms that had been greater aggressive, like “backlinks”: If you need to peer the precise method that I use to locate key phrases, I advocate placing apart a couple of minutes to observe this quick video:



7) SEO friendly content

It's no secret that SEO and content go hand in hand. In general, the better content you post, the higher your rank. (Obviously) it's not that simple. But it's a good rule of thumb to follow when creating content for SEO.

Here are some details on how to create SEO-friendly content. Content creation for product/service pages

The content on your product and service pages should continue to be of high quality. But that doesn't mean you want your product pages to read like blog posts. In fact, the main goal of product pages is to convert visitors into prospects and customers. For this reason, product pages should focus on product features and benefits.



Use Your Keyword In Your Title Tag

The #1 rule of on-web page search engine marketing is that this: Use your key-word for your name tag.

Why is that this crucial? Well, in relation to on-web page optimization, your name tag is the maximum crucial a part of your web page.Think approximately it this manner: Your name tag summarizes what your web page is all approximately. And whilst you operate your key-word for your name tag, it tells Google that your web page is set that key-word.

For instance, I posted this listing of 17 search engine marketing pointers some time lower back. And my goal key-word for that web page is: “search engine marketing Tips”. This is why I made positive to consist of that genuine key-word in my name tag:


Optimize Your Meta Description For Clicks


Your meta description isn’t almost as crucial as your name tag.In truth, Google has stated that they don’t pay an awful lot interest on your description (or meta key phrases).So why need to you hassle growing a description? Because human beings use your description to discern out whether or not or now no longer to click on to your end result. For instance, test out this description from an crucial web page from my web website online:See how I certainly promote my content material? That attractive description “steals” clicks from the webweb sites rating above me. Which (glaringly) brings in extra visitors to my web website online.

Pro Tip: Use your fundamental key-word for your description. When a person searches for that time period, Google will formidable your key-word… which enables your web website online stand out even extra in the SERPs.


Use Keywords In Your Content

Next, you need to consist of your key-word to your web page some instances. That manner, Google may be assured that your web page is certainly approximately that subject matter.

For instance, for the search engine marketing pointers publish I noted earlier, you could see that I consist of that key-word withinside the first a hundred and fifty words: I additionally sprinkled that key-word some instances at some stage in the content material.

In general, I used my fundamental key-word 6 instances in my content material. And thinking about that my content material is over three,000 words, that’s now no longer a totally excessive key-word density. But it’s sufficient for Google to get the gist of what my content material is set.One component to observe is which you don’t need to head overboard and use your key-word 100x on each web page. That’s a black hat search engine marketing approach known as “key-word stuffing”, which could get your web website online penalized. Bottom line? Include your fundamental key-word to your web page a handful of instances. It’s no huge deal in case you cross a bit over or below that amount. But in case you deliberately stuff key phrases for your content material, you’re definitely doing extra damage than true.


Use Synonyms and Variations

Make positive to apply synonyms and versions of your goal key-word at some stage in your content material. This can assist your unmarried web page for dozens of various key phrases.

For instance, test out this publish from my web website online.

Because I consist of my key-word in my name tag and at some stage in my content material, it’s no marvel that I rank withinside the pinnacle three for that time period: But I additionally consist of plenty of versions of my key-word… alongside with what are called “LSI Keywords”.(LSI key phrases are essentially phrases which might be carefully associated with my fundamental key-word.)

For instance, I consist of LSI key phrases like “outreach equipment” and “inbound link analysis” withinside the publish.

How approximately every other instance? Let’s say you simply posted a piece of writing that’s optimized across the key-word: “virtual advertising pointers”. Well, you’d need to apply versions of that time period for your content material like:


Optimize Images

Unlike a textual content-primarily based totally article, serps have a difficult time expertise what’s inner of an photo. So they rely upon your photo’s filename, alt textual content and name to discern out what an photo definitely is. And in case you run a domain with plenty of pictures, photo search engine marketing is SUPER crucial. Otherwise, Google could have a difficult time expertise what’s to your web page.With that, right here’s the way to optimize your pictures: First, provide your photo a descriptive filename. For instance, test out this screenshot of the quantity of feedback certainly considered one among our courses were given.

We used the filename: cellular-seo-manual-feedback.png.



Next, use an photo alt textual content that describes your photo. Finally, provide your photo a name. I wouldn’t sweat this step as an awful lot. I simply replica and paste my alt textual content right here.


User Experience

You may have a web site that’s optimized PERFECTLY for search engine marketing. But if it looks as if this? It’s now no longer going to rank for extremely long. Even aleven though User Experience is subjective (which makes it difficult for most important serps like Google, Bing and Yahoo to measure), it does indirectly effect your search engine marketing. After all, in case your web website online is difficult to apply, human beings aren’t going to proportion it. And with out hyperlinks and stocks, your probabilities of rating in Google are quite an awful lot 0. If you need to analyze extra approximately UX, this manual is a outstanding beginning factor.



Content Quality

You’ve possibly heard that “terrific content material” is crucial. And it is. The component is aleven though like I pointed out earlier, terrific content material isn’t sufficient. For your content material to rank in 2021, it desires to be not anything quick of AMAZING. It additionally desires to satisfy the desires of the human beings that look for your goal key-word.

For instance, test out this step-with the aid of using-step search engine marketing audit checklist on my blog.

It consists of excellentb distinctive steps: Dozens of excessive-res screenshots: And in general, it’s precisely what a person looking for “search engine marketing audit” might need to study. I blanketed maximum of the fundamentals of on-web page search engine marketing on this phase. But in case you sense like you've got got a take care of at the fundamentals and need to head superior, test out this video on-web page search engine marketing educational:


Verify Your Site With The Google Search Console

From indexing to ratings, Google Search Console is a dashboard of your web website online’s fitness and overall performance in Google.To use Search Console, you’ll want to affirm that your the proprietor of your web website online (Google calls webweb sites “Domain Properties”). When you do, you’ll get get admission to to an exceptional device that suggests you what number of human beings see and click on to your web website online in Google’s seek effects:

But that’s simply scratching the surface.

always use either https with www not http without www so you will have single property in google search console so google crawler will count your link as single unit 



8) Should you cross lower back and extrade your current URLs ?


It’s glaringly as much as you. But I normally suggest that human beings go away their URLs in place… even though they’re now no longer ideal. Instead, simply recognition on growing search engine marketing-pleasant URLs for destiny pages which you publish.

But in case you do determine to optimize vintage URLs, make certain to 301 redirect the vintage pages to the brand new URLs. And if this new shape effects in a couple of pages with comparable content material, implement canonical URLs.


Measure and Optimize For PageSpeed



9) You have to set Robots.txt and Site map in order to crawl your links


What does robots.txt stand for?

In order to tell web robots (usually search engine robots) how to explore their website, webmasters generate a text file called robots.txt. The robots exclusion protocol (REP), a set of online standards that govern how robots explore the web, access, and index material, and then offer it to people, includes the robots.txt file. The REP also contains instructions on how search engines should approach links (such as "follow" or "nofollow"), as well as directives like meta robots.

In actuality, robots.txt files specify which user agents (web-crawling software) are permitted to crawl certain areas of a website. The activity of specific crawlers is "allowed" or "disallowed" in these guidelines (or all)


Site Map

please check both properly like this you will have to make so google can able to crawl your links





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